Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Good Flat Style Tutorial (and a Minor Website Teaser)

I have found that designing a website is probably the most fun (and interesting) part of launching a new site. Because I have only decent 'shop skills, I decided to follow the recent "flat style" design trend.

As when I attempt to learn anything, I started looking into flat style design by searching YouTube tutorials. And as is always the case, I found countless extremely long, only mildly helpful "tutorials" out there. But I did find one excellent diamond in the rough that stands out as an excellent example of how to do tut vids.

 In just 30 seconds, this video clearly shows you how to emulate the iconic flat style icons that are cropping up all over the internet. Did the uploader go a bit fast? Maybe, but then he also took the time to write out instructions in case the viewer couldn't follow.

Why is this an excellent tutorial video? Because it's straight to the point. That is, there's no two-minute rambling speech about how the person is "sorry that he/she hasn't been uploading videos lately", "trying to post more vlogs soon", and "so thankful that he/she has so many followers"; there's no bumbling ten-minutes of dull speech, tangents, and "ums". No, this is just a short, no nonsense video that teaches you exactly how to do what you were looking to do. And for that, James Plank, I commend you.

Using the instructions from the above tutorial, I ended up making some of my first icons. I'll end this post with an example of what I've made so far. Hopefully it doubles well as a kind of teaser for what's to come on the website!

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